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RE: pci sound card? Yamaha DSP Factory...

Hi Mike,

I've got a Yamaha DSP Factory with Digital I/O ($1295 list), that I'll let
go for $300 plus shipping. It's essentially a brand new card... it's on my
new dedicated audio computer, so it's only got about 10 hours of time on 
It doesn't sport a MIDI interface so that's why I'd be interested in

If you're not familiar with this card... "When installed inside a personal
computer, the DS2416 digital mixing card offers the mixing power of the
successful Yamaha 02R digital mixer plus 16 tracks of hard disk recording
with up to 32-bit resolution. The DSP Factory is perhaps the first
comprehensive digital mixing and recording system available, providing
full-time 24-channel digital mixing and two of Yamaha's top-quality digital
effects processors, without having to rely on the computer's internal
processing power.

Additionally, the DS2416 card includes an audio-streaming engine which
provides 8 tracks of simultaneous recording to, and 16 tracks playback 
the computer's disk drive."

The nice thing about this card for you, Mike, is the 8 tracks of
simultaneous recording and the fact that the card is DSP-based. The
advantage of a DSP-based system is that it offloads processing work from 
computer's CPU, which in turn means that the card will run on just about 
clunker you care to put it in.

Best bet for further info is the Yamaha site, where you'll have to do a
search for the DS2416. The brochure and Owner's Manual are worth perusing.

For reviews, check out:

Let me know (preferably offline) if you're interested...

>       Hey again,
>       I'm looking for a PCI sound card for my PC (Win98SE).
> Hoping for one that
> will allow me to record multiple tracks simultaneously (4 or more).  Any
> recommendations?  There are loads of them out there; it's kind of 
> to try to pick one out.  Thanks in advance...
>       Mike