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Prepared Guitar/ Alternatebridges

I was just thinking about putting a site up about prepared electric 
and was wondering if any one would toss out some suggestions.

The ones i have so far  are

Works in progress of articles  about guitar hardware like:

Trans Trem

Hipshot tuners,benders and bridges

Sustainers like Sustainiac, ebow and Smokey amps over your


I also have a running list of good found objects to prepared
a guitar with.

Hi tensioned metal springs over pick up are cool

Pieces of telescopic antennas make really good alternate bridges

plus whatever you can add

I would really like to build an online resource for experimental musician 
where I can have a growing encyclopedia for extended techniques.

Is there anyone out there who uses alternate bridges who can get a better 
output/sound of the string played far away from the pickup?



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