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Re: More Klein Questions

In a message dated 07/15/2001 7:43:36 PM Central Daylight Time,
jeremiah266@hotmail.com writes:

How would a guitar that used the same woods, scale lenght, body
shape and electronics sound any different than a klien? I am not being
facetious I am really curious. Also dose anyone know much about klein  
costruction, I went to klien guitars a few months ago and Lorenzo was very
nice just a little secretive about a few things (like how many they make a
year and things like that)

Make two guitars of the same shape, wood, electronics, and they will not
sound exactly the same.  Change any of those factors, and they will be
further apart.  I'm pretty sure that not even all Kleins sound identical, but
they all fall within a certain characteristic range.

Lorenzo told me that every curve of the shape of that guitar has a purpose.  
Who am I to dispute that?  As for his business: what did you expect?   
Besides, if he told you all of his secrets, you'd certainly be closer to
making one.  

I saw a Klein-clone on ebay once - it looked really good, nice exotic wood
body (not basswood or swamp ash), and according to the text in the auction
page, the neck was purchased from Klein.  If he had truly found the secret,
as it were, then why was he selling the guitar on ebay?

Go buy a cheap Steinberger to play during your waiting period, and sell it
when your Klein arrives.  Your life will change.