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Re: pci sound card?

Hi Mike,

These comments are based on pretty long-winded research... both are 
supposed to have very high-quality DAC's for this price point.

I've heard consistently good remarks regarding the M-Audio Delta 66 (with 
or without the Omni I/O mixer interface). 4 tracks in and out... The Delta 
66 is about $290 street... The Omni-Studio (which includes the mixer and 
Delta 66) is about $399 street. You can usually find these for slightly 
less on eBay.

The Creamware Luna II is possibly even nicer but the PCI card only has 2 
inputs. There is a proprietary port on the card though which connects to 
their hardware box that expands the I/O to 8 or 10 inputs and outputs. The 
PCI card is around $333 street. The additional box to expand i/o is quite 
a bit more, although I don't remember the exact prices. These don't pop up 
on eBay nearly as often.

Happy shopping!
-Miko Biffle

>>> feeneymike@yahoo.com 07/14/01 07:45PM >>>
        Hey again,

        I'm looking for a PCI sound card for my PC (Win98SE).  Hoping for 
one that
will allow me to record multiple tracks simultaneously (4 or more).  Any
recommendations?  There are loads of them out there; it's kind of daunting
to try to pick one out.  Thanks in advance...


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