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Re: Unidentified subject!

> i was wondering what kinds of instruments are being looped by the users 
> this group. 

i mostly play electric guitar, but since nothing new can be done 
on the guitar (right steve lawson?), i also play bass, trumpet, congas, 
keys (mostly clav, some rhodes), sax, superbone, theremin , voice, 
feedback, noise etc...
i think you could probably call kyma an instrument as well.
(i think it goes without saying that live looping devices are instruments)
and effects, don't forget they can be played like instruments...

too new to looping them for a public display just yet,
but rick walker kicked my ass a bit (not that i didn't need it)
and i promised to have a looping show by june 2002...

if a guy loops in his rehearsal space and no-one else hears it is it sound?