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Re: Unidentified subject!

> From: "mike morris" <circuithead_@hotmail.com>
> I'm interested to know what other instruments are being 
> looped out there...especially individually created
> instruments.

I've been having a lot of success looping voice:
vocal percussion, throat singing, spoken woid, 
a couple of sopranos, sometimes a mic passed around the audience (one
time I got a recitation of the fifty nifty united states in alphabetical
order -- and in rhythm, too).

Also some homemade instruments such as a little
blue man organ I made out of ABS pipe and 
toilet gaskets. 

And then some found instruments: wok lid gongs, 
the alhambra ghatam (i.e. a blue 5 gallon 
water cooler jug), bowl of forks.

I guess I do have to admit that I've looped some more "traditional"
instruments: tablas, bamboo flutes, 
ABS didgeridoos, a little wooden frog. I've even looped
a (gasp) guitar.