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"I am smoking in a room"

> how did you do the brown and williamson automated customer service line?
> shane

Basically, I simulated Alvin Lucier's set-up, only using a digital reverb
instead of a real room and a delay line instead of alternating tape

In detail -
I used an EDP, a Yamaha SPX-90 reverb, and my trusty mixer.

I put the EDP into delay mode with the feedback at zero.  The output of the
EDP went to an input of the mixer, say channel 1.  The AUX1 send on channel
1 (which is prefader) goes to the input of the EDP.  This signal path makes
the EDP act as a looper even though it is in delay mode.  The AUX2 send on
channel 1 (also prefader) goes to the input of the SPX-90.  The output of
the SPX-90 goes in another mixer input, say channel 2.  I turned up channel
2's AUX1 send so that the SPX-90's output goes to the EDP input.

So the EDP's output is split.  It goes to the SPX-90's input and to the
EDP's input.  The EDP's input is a mix of the EDP's output and the SPX-90's
output (and the initial signal, of course).

I recorded the telephone message on my minidisc.  Then played it once into
the EDP.  After that, the message loops though the EDP and SPX-90.  Each
iteration adds more reverb.  You've got to kind of "fly" the controls to
prevent the feedback from growing out of control.

You can do this with any delay line and and effect unit, of course.  Though
it can get real strange with phase shifters, etc.

Hope this is clear!

Dennis Leas