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Michael Vatcher with Steuart Liebig and Vinny Golia/so cal, usa

Title: Michael Vatcher with Steuart Liebig and Vinny Golia/so cal, usa

Here's a little e-mail to alert you all to a one-set concert of master drummer Michael Vatcher.

Michael Vatcher (born right here in Cali) currently resides in Amsterdam and gets to these parts VERY infrequently. (in fact, I know that he occasionally gets to NYC a bit and seems to do the Canadian fests, but this is the first time I know of him playing in L.A..  - -  so come out to give the homeboy a warm welcome, okay?)

He has played with some of the most interesting people in the improvised, avant garde and cutting-edge music communities: Phil Minton, George Graewe, Michael Moore, Tom Cora, John Zorn, Mischa Mengleborg and Maarten Alteena to name but a few.

Michael will be aided and abetted by Vinny Golia on reeds and Steuart Liebig on contrabassguitars and electronics - - and *some* loopage.

One night only, ONE SET only,

Admission price not yet set. ($6.00????)

8:00-10:00 p.m.
23 July 2001
Hollywood Knitting Factory
Alterknit Lounge
7021 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

a few review quotes:

"Here, drummer Vatcher puts on a drum clinic featuring crisp multi-textured snare drum work. Vatcher fluctuates behind his kit, employing rimshots, delicate cymbal work, odd meter rhythms but never deviates from the explosive pulse of Mattos' pivotal bass structure"

"Great was my admiration for the fantastic playing by drummer Michael Vatcher."

"Vatcher broke the melody-lines and watched over the percussive character of Monk's music."