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Re: gig spam and question about playing outdoors

Dave Trenkel wrote:

> >Hello,
> >
> >hey I will be playing my first outdoor gig tommorow in Bloomington, In 
> >5:30pm . I will be playing regular guitar and guitar loops done on the 
> >My question is, what are the acoustics like outdoors. i have only played
> >indoor gigs? Need mroe volume?
> >
> Outdoor acoustics are generally great. I love not having to deal with
> room reverb. Of course, that's not always the case, I once played an
> outdoor festival in a park across the street from a large glass and
> steel building, the whole gig had a 2 second acoustic echo that was
> really annoying.
> One thing to keep in mind is that under direct sunlight, most LED and
> LCD displays are pretty much unreadable. If you depend on being able
> to read the displays of your effects, synths, etc., make sure you're
> in some shade.
> Good luck on the gig!


i guess the challenge then becomes to use it somehow rather than fight it? 
i'm reminded of rick walker's inspired use of room acoustics on the bass
looping tour...

i was in navada's valley of fire (impressive wind-sculpted rock formations 
vegas) once a long time ago, car camping. someone had an old harmonium 
several camsites away. i couldn't rightly make out the notes, but the 
reverberation was enough to elicit hallucinatory bliss (i did say it was a 
time ago...).

lance g.

ps listened to *acidflesh* last night. great sounds! will delve deeper.