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IVL Electrix

Some folks seemed to be concerned about the future reliability of the
Repeater because Electrix is such a small company.  I also heard some
concern regarding the choice Electrix made to sell off their remaining
effects units (financial trouble?).  But isn't Electrix just a subdivision
of the same company that made Digitech as big as they are?  As I understand
it, IVL acquired Electrix just prior to the choice to scrap the remaining
effects units and make the Repeater their number one priority.  This does
not sound like a small company in financial trouble.

Or maybe I'm rationalizing because I already paid for a unit with a money
order...  ;)


"Since everything is but an apparition,
perfect in being what it is,
having nothing to do with good or bad,
acceptance or rejection,
one may well burst out in laughter."