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Full Metal Jacket

I recently watched "Full Metal Jacket" for about the
100th time & finally paid attention to the end credits
to find out who was responsible for the original

Abigail Mead is the name given in the credits. A
internet research reveals that "Abigail" is in fact
Vivian Kubrick, daughter of Stanley Kubrick. I also
find that she used a Fairlight Series III sampler,
which was the state of the art device in 1987 when
the movie was made. I think you can still buy them if
you have a spare $60,000 or so.

All of which leads to my question.........

What the hell kind of sound did she sample & what on
earth did she do to it to get "that sound". It sounds
like 2 pieces of metal grinding against each other in
a melodic way. Let me rephrase that, 2 enormous pieces
of metal grinding....in a melodic way.


John Tidwell

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