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Re: gig spam and question about playing outdoors

Dave Trenkel wrote:


> Any of my
> current groups would have naturally incorporated the delay into the
> general vibe. Actually, it was pretty amazing, the echo was coming
> back almost as loud, and really clear, as the band.
> >
> >
> >ps listened to *acidflesh* last night. great sounds! will delve deeper.
> Thanks!

oh yeah-

did i mention it could rain?

my only real experience thus far with outdoor playing came in the form of 
wedding, which was WAY outdoors in joshua tree. it rained. but actually 
right on schedule. the only real concern was for a hammered dulcimer: we 
had an
umbrella for the player and his instrument, but we were thinking about 
sun, not
rain...it worked, though. the only real bummer was that one of our
percussionists slipped climbing down a rain-soaked 150+ ft. vertical cleft 
the wedding site (we had several people cloistered away in the rocks with
various bells, gongs, found objects, etc.- we had devised a SAFE route 
down the
backside of the rocks, but i think he was in a hurry to get to the food) 
about $500 worth of tibetan bells in his daypack. luckily the bells broke 
slide, but a couple of 'em needed repair. HIS nerves were calmed by a bit 
bubbly, i think...

anyway, sometimes the simplest things (like the weather) can get 
overlooked in
the excitement of planning a novel event. as it's said, be prepared!

lance g.