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RE: Question About Playing Outdoors

the water throwing story reminds me of something that happened to me when i
was about 15 - i was playing tenor saxaphone with a trumpet player friend of
mine in a park across the street from my apartment in brooklyn -we were just
having fun, practicing in the late night summer air - it was perfect, there
was no one around and we were positioned in the middle of a large grass
circle around which was a bicycle path - i felt a tap on my shoulder from
behind - i turned and there was a guy who looked like he had just been
released from prison - in (an apparent) drug induced animated state he told
me that he wanted to kill me - we had woken him up out of a sound sleep - but
that he was not going to do that because he too had played the saxaphone at
one time and respected musicians - i expressed my gratitude and told him we
would be packing up presently - thankfully this incident has not weakened my
enjoyment of playing outside - although no its generally under circumstances
where people want to hear what i'm playing - just thought i'd share - harry