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> Most PA setups don't do stereo for the reason that (especially
outside) you've
> got people all over the place that want to hear the full mix.  If
you've got a
> lot of stereo information going out, you risk that people on one side
are pretty
> much not going to hear half the mix.  Aside from my webcasts and small
cafes, I
> always go mono in larger clubs.

I've heard big-ish bands like the Butthole Surfers and the Orb who
make heavy use of stereo live... 

I always mix (yes, I mix on stage too, but I'd love to find someone
reliable and get that task away from me) taking this into account,
but a lot of my delays and the DL-4 of course are heavy stereo 
spacial disruption generators, the effect is dramatically 
reduced in mono.

The usual club setup these days has floating stereo speakers above
the crowd that let people on the left hear the right speaker and
vice versa...


I am the wombat.