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OT: music industry enters hard times, ha, ha, ha

I know that this is OT but probably you'll get some 
innocent amusement out of this -- the greedy music 
industry is coming on hard times and that is directly
due to their evil nature!


> According to the Los Angeles Times, a lawn ticket purchased over the
> phone for the upcoming Barenaked Ladies show at Clear Channel's Verizon
> Amphitheater in Irvine, Calif., had a face value of $14.25. Yet after
> add-on charges, the ticket actually cost $29.70. That's right, the
> service fees cost more than the actual ticket.

and they're shocked, SHOCKED, that people are't coming to these shows!

Why the government decided that Ticketmaster wasn't a monopoly is
beyond me...



Wombats partout.