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I have a tale that's either a scary story or reinvindicative about sound engineers. A local radio programme in my country had a special live show which had a type of jools holland vibe to it cos of diff. musicians and bands playing one after the other in a circle. One of them who was a friend of mine, had trouble with his zoom 501 guitar pedal which was making a lot of noise. I knew it either had to be the power adapter or the cable. But one of the sound engineers kept saying it was the zoom pedal and it's distortion so he did the classic thing to shout out to skip the box and to plug in with a clean signal. But by fortune, a nother musician in the audience who happened to be a friend of mine passed by and I ask him to help since with a musician and one with stage experience could actually get through to engineers about the possible cable trouble. Lucky enough that the assistant of the rebel engineer saw that it was a cable problem when he saw that the cable connecting the guitar to the pedal was the most laughable piece of lame ware possible.