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Re: New Line6 delay/looper

Title: Re: New Line6 delay/looper
Clock sync was my number one wish for the Line6 pedals (and in fact was the reason that the only one I own right now is the distortion modeler). On the other hand, I was getting tempted by the DL4 and MM4 to replace some rack mount equipment because I get tired of running control signals in and out, hauling a rack around, etc.. I guess I'm just incapable of being happy.

These do at least look pretty interesting.


on 7/20/01 2:46 PM, Tardy at tardy@midsouth.rr.com wrote:

For those interested, the new "Pro" rackmount versions of the Line6 modeler pedals were announced today at NAMM in Nashville.  Looks like the new "Echo Pro" will have a 60 second loop sampler.  http://www.line6.com/Main/The_Buzz/Hot_News/StudioModelerRollout/StudioModelersmain.htm
No details yet as to how the start/stop/overdub/etc features can be acessed.