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Re: EDP sync??

>Another bug.
>After Ive set up a stereo loop on 2 EDPs
>I sometimes like to put the slave into reverse.
>This works when using the Insert switch for reverse,
>but if I use the Parameter to P1 and hit Undo method
>nothing happens except that all the LEDS go out.
>is this Normal?
>andy butler

congratulations andy!
If I remember right this was the first bug that Andre discovered years ago.
I am sorry about it but lucky there is such an easy work arround.
I fixed it long ago.

Then Claude found the second: a problem with switching incoming 
MIDIclock on an off.

And recently you found that Multiply-Insert-Undo does not always 
work, which was known from the start, I should not have allowed this 

And there are no other bugs in the 5.0 version, are there?

You found them quickly! wana apply as beta tester?


          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org