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Re: Loopfest in New York, getting together

>I would be interested..would be a great excuse to visit my bro in L.I.

   David Beardsley
   David Lee Myers
   Todd Reynolds
   Tom Ritchford
   Steve Sandberg
   David Torn

so far quite a few people...

I've been surprised about the interest audience-type-people
have had in the idea.  A friend wrote:

At 3:19 PM -0700 7/21/01, marie m wrote:
>bet there'd be a ton of interest.
>[I asked why?]
>well, you need to make it sexy and non-academic. ie,
>the 6th ave things sound academic to me.they may not
>be but they sound that way. even unity gain is a bit
>academic for me, and for many others i think, which is
>why we only ever see the usual suspects there. of
>course unity gain is sexy enough that _all_ the usual
>suspects come to that. but it needs to be at least as
>sexy as that, but a little more so. it will draw
>crowds initially among the usual because it won't be
>the usual people playing, which will annoy and entice.
>expect some initial opposition from the UG type crowd.
>embrace the kiddies instead. make it playful.

.......all legal games of chess 
.....programmer's documentation