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Re: sp-303 and midi control

At 4:03 PM -0700 7/21/01, jef lear wrote:
>my query is this:
>i own a sp-303 (which i'm well pleased with)
>and want to trigger samples with my feet both
>live and recording. since i am not familiar
>with the specifics of midi, i was wondering
>if it was possible to use a foot controller
>with said device.

this is possible with a full-featured midi pedal. Basically, you need one
that can send midi note-on messages. That includes pedals like digitech
pmc-10, rocktron AllAccess, lake-butler midigator, roland fc-200, yamaha
mfc-10. It does NOT include pedals that only send program change messages,
and are really meant just for changing patches on rack mount multi-effects.
(digital music ground control is in that category, for example.)  It seems
that many of the best midi pedals are out of production. look around for
them used.


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