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Re: Loopfest in New York, getting to

Title: Re: Loopfest in New York, getting to
One idea could be to book one night in the old office, three weeks in a row.  Probably Monday or Tuesday nite would be best...,  then we have sort of a curated series...Whoever has the most visibility or best relationship with the knit could actually take on the “curational” role...  I probably am Not that person, however, I don’t book there too often...

On 7/21/01 11:49 PM, "Steve Sandberg" <stevesandberg@earthlink.net> wrote:

So that's 7 people already who are interested -- doesn't seem like 2 or 3 sets would do it.
Anyone have any idea how to organize this?  I'm terrible at organization, but am willing to use my Knit contacts to get us a venue --
Perhaps ask for 2 sequential nites?  3?  Help!