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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #389

At 01:58 AM 7/23/01 -0700, Rick Walker wrote:
>I actually bought
>a $100 ART microphone preamp and use that to amplify my voice going into 
>pedal board Line 6 which works great even though I don't think the  Line 6
>was designed for this kind of application. It is pretty easy to overload 
>Line 6.

If anyone remembers the 'XLR volume pedal' thread a month or two back, I
finally solved my situation in a similar way; I put a Midiman Audio Buddy
pre on my pedalboard, run an SM-57 into it, then on into a volume pedal,
and then to further processing (compression, reverb and pitch shift) before
it hits the mixer. Instant Jon Hassell...