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Re: hosting looper's delight site?

Oh, I see it now. The links to amazon and sonic foundry and stuff...  It's
at the very bottom of the site.   Never scrolled down that far before....


On 7/23/01 3:29 AM, "Kim Flint" <kflint@loopers-delight.com> wrote:

> Gareth-
> I have no way to really know who comes to the site or why. Clearly they
> keep on coming, so they must be finding something interesting there! I
> suspect a lot of them come in from search engines to find some 
> they are looking for in the list archives or some other section, and then
> they poke around in the rest of the site for a while. A lot of people 
> coming back to read the archives on the web. I would guess they are 
> musicians interested in creating electronic music using samples and loops
> in some way or another. The fact that it continues to grow and grow and
> grow tells me that interest in looping is growing and growing as well.
> And yes, if you use the Looper's Delight link to buy something from 
> 5-15% of what you pay goes to Looper's Delight and helps pay the cost of
> the whole thing. If you are buying something there anyway, why not use 
> LD link and help us out? it's easy.... It costs the same to you and it
> helps out LD. The same is true for zzounds and sonic foundry. I'll
> appreciate it greatly if you use the LD links!
> kim
> At 11:13 PM -0700 7/22/01, whiteoakstudios wrote:
>> Kim,
>> Are all these people loopers ? Obviously there are a number of hits 
>from the
>> same person but have you any idea who these people are, (I don't expect 
>> to know them all personally but you know what I mean).
>> I often use Amazon for books & CD's do you benefit if I access their web
>> site through the LD site ? If so , I'll go that route in future.
>> Gareth
>> Looper's Delight
>>> by itself, per month, is about 400,000 page views, 700,000 file 
>>> (hits), 100,000 user sessions, 9GB of bandwidth, and around 1GB of disk
>>> space. Plus a fair amount of CPU in handling the search engine, 
>>> and indexing the list, ad serving, mailing list, web server, dns, etc. 
>>> mailing list might have to send anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 mails a
>>> day. It gets much bigger when you add in the rest of my internet
>> activities
>>> and sites that I host, those monthly totals are about 1 million page
>> views,
>>> 9 million hits/files, 40GB bandwidth, and about 6GB of disk space. As 
>>> happens, all of these sites are growing like weeds,
>>> All this is not cheap, but there is no danger of it going offline. 
>>> from the sites pays about half of it, and the rest is affordable for 
>>> However, I would prefer to see LD be self-sufficient. In other words, 
>>> should not be freeloading off of me or you or anybody else to exist, it
>>> should pay it's own way. For this, I hope the people who use the site 
>>> enjoy the list can help out. That can be through buying Looper's 
>>> cd's, or using the affiliate links I have on the LD site when you can 
>>> buy gear (zzounds, sonic foundry, amazon), or making a donation through
>> the
>>> donation links I've got set up on the site, or buying a t-shirt when we
>> get
>>> around to that. And any of you who have something to advertise, LD is a
>>> fine place to do it and I'm happy to make some reasonable deal to make 
>>> work. Could be a product you sell, or your own cd, or something else. 
>>> whole looping world is watching if you put it on LD!
>>> enough groveling for now. :-)
>>> kim
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