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Re: Loopfest NYC update

> >>Tom, with all due respect, I think you need to get out more. 

Oi, I go out far too often as it is!

>> Please don't
> make these kinds of assumptions about your current audience. I am not
a gear
> head..I use the means to the end of making music that can be
apprecitated by
> anyone. I heard "Frippertronics" at 21, and this 31y.o. female has been
> creating and performing ever since. Anyone interested in creating sound
> would be interested in this event as we all know, looping allows you to
> sample ANYTHING and display it's inherent musical nature.
> Again, don't make these kinds of assumptions. I was genuinely put off.

I wasn't meaning any disrespect!  But, I go to a LOT of shows.

When I go to "electronic music" concerts (as opposed to 
DJ oriented things), the male to female ratio is about 3 to 1.

The same is true for shows that I organize -- and my mailing
list is pretty balanced.

In things like prog rock or space rock it's even worse.

And the crowd is getting older, it's mostly over 30...

Now, there are a lot of shows that I go to that
are quite different.  If there's an art 
component, if it's dance music, or industrial
(I don't go to much industrial actually), all 
of these attract a balanced crowd, a younger crowd.

That's all I meant!

> Focus your advertising on the SOUND..ambient, textural, ethereal, as
well as
> process.  

Well, yes, I don't think we were proposing that we warp 
our advertising towards grabbing some stereotypical 
image of "the young" or "women".  

I just wanted to make sure that we didn't end up
with the same old few grizzled faces!

> Think of all of those in film school at NYU interested in sound
> design...

Yes, NYU is emerging as a top target.  We shouldn't forget, however,
the underserved people at places like Hunter, City College, Pratt,
or the distant Columbia!

> Do you need information from the performers..press kit, etc, to help with
> promotions?

Yes, in fact this is the subject of my next message...



I am the wombat.