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Re: Voice looping and loopers in New Jersey?

Hey!  I was the man to sold Samite on the idea of using a looper!  He saw 
perform with a JamMan in Ithaca NY, and we talked about how he could use
looping in his show.  He later told me he ended up with the EDP (as I would
have had I had the cash) and I always wondered if he had luck using it.  
glad to see he did!  He's a very cool guy and a great musician.


Scott Anderson wrote:

> Hello, everyone.
>   I joined the list a couple days ago.
>   I found the list after remembering the time a couple years ago when I 
> at a bookstore a man named Samite perform a traditional African song by
> layering his voice live, singing the different parts and then singing the
> lead over top.  I think what he used was a Echoplex Digital Pro.  That 
>is my
> familiarity in person with such a live multi-layering device, although I
> have heard of another, the Jam Man.
>   I apologize if my questions are overly basic:
>   What device or equipment would people recommend as the most user 
> editing and arranging-wise or versatile effects-wise for live 
> such as street performance or busking, of music made by improvised 
> and editing of singing and vocal sounds (like beat box or a cappella
> extraterrestrial techno) or vocals with acoustic guitar?
>   Does anyone on this list have experience or interest in street 
> or busking?
>   Also:
>   How can I try out in person any devices or equipment that people
> recommend?  The Sam Ash store in Edison, New Jersey said I would have to 
> the Digital Pro if they tried to order it for me to try.
>   Does anyone on this list live in or near New Jersey?
>   Thank you for your time.  I greatly appreciate any advice or 
>   Feel free to respond to my personal email, if you prefer:
> scott_c_anderson@hotmail.com
> Scott
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