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release spam new CD "repeater"

Hi list,

I have just  released new CD from own label,electr-orm.


repeater / sunao inami
(CD only)

1. intro 4:06
2. trace route 5:10
3. waves on the table 3:44
4. modifiers control 3:48
5. rainy wales 5:10
6. repeater 8:26
7. loop is life,life is loop 15:53
8. continuous skin break III 6:15
9. outro 2:47

Sunao Inami : All Instruments

Graphic Design by Yoshio Saga
Cover Photo by Sunao Inami

Sunao Inami official site

You can get it from:
Cranium Music

electr-ohm via Paypal

   sorry for my spam..

  Sunao Inami