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Re: Loopers T-shirts

In a message dated 07/23/2001 11:38:28 PM Central Daylight Time,
dmgraph@earthlink.net writes:

The back of t-shirt should say "UNSUBSCRIBE" in big bold
letters.  Well, reasonably big.

Absolutely.  Major importance.

</special important request>

K, lesse ....

I think a moebius strip somewhere on the front would be
appropriate.  Or incorporated in the design somehow.  It could
be cheesy, it could be cool, I think it's all in the execution

I'd like a t-shirt with the face panel of my EDP reproduced on the front!   
And maybe that of the foot controller on the back... one of the buttons could
have UNSUBSCRIBE labelled on it.

OK, I go back to work now.