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Re: EDP Problem

Re: EDP Problem> The record button on my EDP pedal isn't working anymore --
> know if this is something I can easily fix myself, or do I need to send
> it back to Trace Elliot?  It's definitely the pedal, it seems, because 
> record button on the unit works fine.

The exact part is available from several sources.  Mouser Electronics
(www.mouser.com) and Jameco Electronics (www.jameco.com), among others.
The Mouser part no is:
    1OPA005 Red PB Mountain Switch
The Jameco no is:

Cost is about a buck.  I'd order several for spares.

On the other hand....
When my REC button went out, I replaced it with a different style I got at
Radio Shack.  I *like* it looking different than the rest (and it protrudes
higher) 'cause that makes it easier to tell apart from the other buttons.

Hope this helps...

Dennis Leas