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Re: mapS giG: bad club acoustics + feedback eliminator = roomsizedinstrument

same here, in fact I use an Ovation acoustic/electric precisely to
introduce feedback into my tunes.  I look at it as riding a racehorse;
finding the frequencies that explode, those that build slowly and trying
to remember to dampen open strings (and ignore feedback already in
loops)it's a beautiful thinggggggggggg

Mike Killian, St. Loopie, MO
stanitarium@earthlink.net wrote:
> i'm happy to say that i am a good feedback<enabler>
> so i guess i'm no help!
> s
> ----------
> >From: Simran gleason <simran.gleason@Sun.COM>
> >So do people have opinions about good feedback
> >eliminators?
> >pls hlp.
> >
> >Simran
> >