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Re: battery powered setup (for the playa)

Hi Chris, 

> From: Chris Chovit <cho@newdream.net>
> Sounds like a good setup!  What do you use the inverter for, if you are
> using a DC (car stereo) amp? Is this for your mixer and looping gear?

You're right, the inverter is for the mixer and loopers.
(Also the AC-powered automatic autograph signing pen.-)

Yes, the DL-4 works on batteries. You could probably do rechargeables. 

> How did your PA speakers hold up under the heat and dust of the playa?
> Were they ready to be thrown out afterwards?

The PAliens were fine on the playa. But then they were 
constructed with plasticoned car stereo speakers, and then
covered in spray foam. They
had a much rougher time at one of the pre-burningman
parties in oakland, where one of the heads got stolen.
(That's why only one of the aliens has it's LED-that-blinks-
to-the-music curcuit still on its head).  I didn't bring
my PA speakers. I have some cheap peavey 1x10 cabs that
I'm bringing this year. 

> If i make it this year, i'll keep an eye out for the portable looper w/
> alien sculpture speakers.  But how will i recognize you, once i've 
> it down with that criteria....  ;-)

Well, the PAliens are painted silver and gold, respectively,
and sit about 3 and a half feet tall. I might not bring
them this year, though. They're pretty bulky. I might use
the little PA cabs instead. 

There wil be two places to find me: first, ask at Mmmmelt
camp, a massage camp on the esplanade. If I'm not there, 
leave me a message, and then get a massage. Next option: 
go to the maze, get lost inside, then I'll be painting
a mural in one of the dead ends, using people who get
stuck in that corridor as the models!

If you do find me, let's set up a looping gig somewhere, 
like center camp or something. (& this goes for any other 
loopers dee people on the playa, too!)