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Re: guitar arpeggiator

Also another option is the Digitech ISP33B Smart Shifter.  It sort of has a
gurgling sound - a bit more random than the Boss PS3 which sort of moves 
in one particular way.....i.e. up or down.

You could use something like a Octave Pedal (like the Boss OC2 - not a fuzz
based) with an extreme 2 octave down fat sound then Eq out the top end
completely.  What you have is a poorly tracking farty sound.

Maybe, the Boss Gt3 Slicer effect is something of interest to you.  But 
pretty costs for only one thing.

Finally, if you can find one - try a Pefftronics Rand-o-matic.  At extreme
settings it sounds like R2D2 on acid.

Oh, I lied there's more - I like to use an
wide and slow autowah into a
flanger or phaser or ring modulator into
extreme and quick square wave trem sound (the helicopter sound)

Options Options Options...suppose we shouldn't even mention rolands gr