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Re: OT: why musicians can't eat -- and why radio is so bad

c'mon not to make a fuss but <beck><bjork>-out there? there music may seem
off the beaten path but basically their music is pop music w/voice and
musical accompanimment...out where?
now when an instro makes it on the charts thats when i think people are
actually getting something truly expressive.most people like words in the
songs so they dont have to think too much.
telestar,walk dont run,tequila,frankenstein,theme to chariots of fire,herb
alpert,george benson,some of these songs or artists may be way mellow but
they are just a very few instros that made the charts and made people
think.in my humble opinion


> I hope so.  The fact that Beck albums make
>> it into the top 40 leads me to believe that people will buy stuff
>> that's more
>> "out there" if they're aware of it.
>> ** or bjork, for that matter.
>> stig