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Re: Vortex Bleen and also Cliffs problem

Hi Cliff, to see the numbers when pedalling you have to
set the Parameter knob to the function being controlled,
in this case morph.
Bet you sussed it just after releasing that post!

now down to the serious business 

BLEEN B (just like Maze B)
To start with this is the only Vortex patch with
more than 100% feedback available.
If you put both Feedback 1 and Feedback 2 both 
up high enough you get a louDER echo each time.
(although individually you can't get 100%)
this is because the Fbk 1 echoes are 
in the feedback loop of fbk2

The odd runaway feedback happens because 
this preset is prone to feedback even when
the feedback controls are turned down because
the feedback is modulated. 
So if there's enough modulation you can get
max feedback for part of the cycle.

Now depending on the tap time the feedback sometimes 
has the chance to run amok. It happens when the modulation rate
is such that one modulation cycle fits an exact number of 
times into the echo time(or near enough). 
If this is a problem you could try a different tap time. 

andy butler
 <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/soundfnr/vortex.htm">Lexicon Vortex