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Re: Check out my loopers Shirt Design

At 04:14 PM 7/25/01 -0700, Mischievous MC Matt wrote:
>How about...
>Or ...

With all the ideas flying about, we should just find some space where we
could post SEVERAL designs for download and make our own LD items with
color printer fabric-transfer sheets. (Then we could just send the
site-subsidy funds that we would have sent Kim for the shirts via 

I made my own LD shirt a while ago; it's sort of olive drab with
'Unsubscribe!' in large white letters bordered in black over a mobius
strip, and a small LD URL underneath the mobius. I've worn it to a few
loopy events in Boston and vicinity, and am wearing it in my photo inside
the CT-Acoustic graphics...

Maybe I'll make another one with a lobster on it.