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[nyc show] a list of all the performers interested in this show.


I didn't spend much time formatting it.
As things get closer we'll get a designer...

There are 14 acts on the list as of now.
Some are more tentative than others.

(If I missed you, it was an act of wanton evil and
I'll fix it up as soon as you let me know!)

In addition, HarryEsq offered to help us out with legal issues
and legwork (thanks!)

I am rather behind in many things so I won't chat at this
instant except to ask:


   are we going with looplooplooplooploop?

it's the only suggestion we've had...

let me know what you think.  I can snap up looplooplooplooploop.com
and loop5.com which are currently free.


.......all legal games of chess 
.....programmer's documentation