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Re: OT: why musicians can't eat -- and why radio is so bad

I don;t think most people would care even if they knew programming was
controlled by only 2 coorporations.

Petrol is a dirty and polluting fuel, controlled by several very large
companies (the Bush family included :-) with several alternatives 
yet it is generally accepted by avant-garde musicians and 'joe public'
alike. There are not many other choices available that don't spew out
combusted gases (I guess farting on bicycle doesn't quite count) - that is 
problem, though again I think most people wouldn't see it like that. Theres
very little conception in the mainstream of different ways to live, or
different ways to organise a first world 21st century country like America
or the UK or Germany.

The best 'underground' or non mainstream musicians can do is offer an
alternative I think, and its up to your own energy and desires as to how 
dissemminated. There are always people who will walk and cycle, there are
always people who seek out unusual sounds and have exotic tastes.

Just getting close family or friends exposed to your 'weird music' may have
an enlightening or educational result, even if they don;t quite see it 
that :-) "ooo.....that merzbow, its awful".

As for making money from music, I guess I completey gave up on any chance 
that happening years ago (never even tried). Earning a living from art
generally seems to involve long periods of poverty, no good if you've got
kids and mortgage.

So maybe i'm saying, quit whining, **** the radio stations and just make
good music? :-)


> > yeah...its unfortunate that the mass public so easily accept what is
> > out for them to listen to...just thought i would add that at least 70%
> > the nationwide radio programming in most major cities is controlled and
> > operated by only 4 major corporations. that says a lot about who is
> > decisions about airplay and new music.
> TWO corporations... Clear Channel and Infinity... own basically
> ALL the major cities.  Infinity is mediocre, Clear Channel is
> downright evil...
> As several people have mentioned, the terribleness of radio
> could be the opportunity real music needs to get ahead....
> somehow....
> --
> I am the wombat.