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Re: unsusribbe


Speaking of sexist names: the Walkman. I should point out that this 
ubiquitous little device was, in fact the inspiration for the JamMan 

Jon Durant

>Subject:     unsusribbe
>Sent:        7/23/20 11:43 PM
>Received:    7/26/01 12:31 PM
>From:        Bailey, Jim, JBailey@corporate.southam.ca
>Reply-To:    Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>To:          'looppost', loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com
>Ha ha, fooled you.
>Actually, I am going to unsubscribe (the _proper_ way) for a few weeks 
>I'm off on vacation. Heading up to the Ottawa valley for the first week to
>do some recording in the woods. I'll be taking along a newly-acquired
>mini-disc recorder, an old recording walkman-type cassette, and a couple 
>really old and really cheap open-reel decks which I hope to do some sort 
>looping with.
>It's actually an organized event, called "Full Moon Over Killaloe (the 
>of the nearest town)" which is in its third year now. Anybody interested 
>check out: http://www.fmok.org
>Back in three weeks. Don't wreck the place while I'm gone.
>Jim Bailey