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Re: line 6 stuff

Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

>  Click here: Studio Modeler Rack Processors
> there was some talk several days ago about these at least until some
> clown
> broght up that tea-shirt stuff.....:)m
> am i some kind of a goon because i dont care if they call it a
> jam-man,
> jam-woman, jam-dog, it just dosent matter to me, gads rick, perhaps im
> not
> sensitive, oh beat me with a big stick!

er, how's about toe jam? where'd my stick go...


this line6 stuff looks cool. anyone out there have the MM4 and can
comment on it? of the three it's the mod pro that calls out to me the
most (just because i have enough delay & filter gear (for the moment);
the only mod effects in my setup are a trusty tc chorus/pitch/flange, a
tremulator and the very nice trem circuits in my amps (vox &
fender)...would be super cool to control lots of different parameters
via expression pedal!

lance g.