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Re: Help with Eventide H3000/Midi!

At 2:52 PM -0400 7/26/01, R Korsakov wrote:

>I am using the "Canyon" program to create some really long ambient
>effects by sending one or two musical notes or sounds to it and letting
>them sustain-out.
>I want to send a midi-controller to it so I can force the note to
>die-out in order to send it a new note or sound
>I thought I could do this by maybe lowering and then raising again the
>room size before sending a new note, or some other way if anyone has a
>better idea.

If this is the same Canyon program 211 I have on my H3000, there is 
no Room Size parameter. There are On Decay and Off Decay parameters, 
and you can control these through MIDI.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202