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Re: OT: why musicians can't eat -- and why radio is so bad

Like Miko says,

> Often the 'venue' has been 'created' by enterprising folks renting a 
studio, gallery or some other type of space because there's no real clubs
booking this kind of stuff. I'm very grateful that internet gatherings like
LD allow us to collectively work the logistics of this stuff out. I fear
without the internet, we'd be working in the dark, so to speak.<

In the UK the DJ is one aspect - I've noticed online via newsgroups for
instance that there are groups of mutual friends that set up the party
situation, as well as the DJs / Lights / etc - and everyone pays 5 to chip
in.  End result, they rent a place configured for dancing and fun, close 
place off once everyone's arrived, and (as they say here) 'ave at it'.

Internet indeed is the place where communications take place to arrange
everything but the venue, including the invitations.  These are private
parties, and the photos online look like they're having a great time:


Stephen Goodman
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