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RE: reaching folks

miko said:
>> Well... part of my enthusiasm in this is due to the fact that *I FOUND* 
>all these freaks like us... I'm hoping that this indicates there are more 
>than I had previously believed possible. Wishful thinking, but in our 
>instance it holds true. I'll continue to hope that more and more people 
>who are truly interested in music will push the envelope on finding 
>useful alternatives to the traditional corporatized outlets. (This thread 
>is now merging with another!)

** well  . . . see, HOW did you find this site/list? looking for info on 
something you were already interested in? did you just stumble into and 
then decide to take up looping as a way of music-making? did you totally 
change course and decide to play something other than straight pop music? 
weren't you already pretty much there BEFORE you found the site and this 
list? stig

Oh yeah... I was into freaky music and a music head in general... but I 
had no idea there were all these OTHER people there. I don't bump into our 
type of freak daily on the street... which is why it's really encouraging 
to be trafficing with all the other people here. 

I'm not predicting a paradigm shift really. And I'm not doing missionary 
work on the unconverted. I'm just saying that there may be more like us 
out there wondering where the hell the good stuff is, just like we do... 
and they might find some interesting new ways to locate it (or even invent 
some!)  I HOPE some of them find us here and let us in on their tricks 
too! I can't say enough how much more interesting music I'm listening to 
because I could actually find it here. I can't get up to Amoeba 
regularly... but I can ALWAYS get on the internet.