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RE: EMUSIC Playlist #224

It is because of Bill's weekly posting that I knew EMUSIC existed. I sent
Bill a copy of my most recent CD and he found it appropriate for playing on
his show earlier this month. Though I couldn't listen to my music on the
radio as I'm 3000 miles away, I did get some satisfaction in knowing that
somewhere in the world my music was being sent over the airwaves. For this,
I am grateful. I appreciate and welcome Bill's list each and every week.

>have you EVER thought that not everybody here CAN listen to a small FM
>station from Allentown?
>or are we all from US? I don't send my stuff since I know the majority of
>people here would never be able to get to it anyways.
>Evidently you never thought about that!

Dear Italo,

I'd have to be a vegetable AND dumb as sticks to have never thought about
What kind of a mouth breathing Philistine do you think I am?  My playlists
nothing to do with one's ability to receive WDIY.  My playlists are
encouragement to musicians that there IS an outlet for their creativity,
even if
they aren't a "big name" like Steve Roach or Robert Rich or Dweller at the
Threshold.  My playlists are an aid to music lovers who want to find out 
musicians to investigate.  I dare say that I've been posting my playlists
with Kim's blessing for longer than you've been a member.  And LD members
appeared on my playlists when their music fits the EMUSIC format.  I feel
my playlists are a valuable service.  Testimony from people belonging to a
variety of mailing lists exists to prove it is successful in that capacity.
Your mileage may vary.

>----- Original Message -----
>From: "David Beardsley" <db@biink.com>
>To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>; <billfox@fast.net>
>Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 4:18 PM
>Subject: Re: EMUSIC Playlist #224
>> I'd prefer not to receive your play lists at all,
>> but get it anyway because I subscribe to all
>> sorts of lists. How about you stop sending it
>> to all these lists, start your own Yahoo list
>> and give people a choice in the matter?
>> db

Dear David,

You have the choice to press delete.  I'm sure that you expect that there
be some messages on a mailing list that you find to be of less interest to
than other messages.  No list can provide 100% interesting messages to 100%
its readership.  And from my sig, you'll notice that I HAVE a Yahoo list.
been around for a while now (since March).  Unless Kim deems my playlists
far off topic, you'll continue to see them here on LD.  If Kim says the
word, my
playlists are history on LD.

Best regards to all,

Bill        billfox@fast.net
Host of EMUSIC, an electronic, ambient, and space music show.  Thursdays at
11 pm on WDIY 88.1 FM, Allentown and Bethlehem and 93.9 FM in Easton and
Phillipsburg.  Email me if you wish to submit music for airplay
Radio Station Home Page: http://wdiyfm.org
Personal site: http://www.users.fast.net/~billfox
To subscribe to the EMUSIC on WDIY list, send
email to: emusic-wdiy-subscribe@yahoogroups.com