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Re: Touring

Cool, Tom!  Sorry I'm not back in the States yet.  Is it the Philly Music Conference?
>My music is probably known to a very small number of people on this list; however, in June, Hypnos released my first solo effort, 'Where the Earth Meets the Sky' and I have since been invited to perform at a Gathering in Philadelphia on Sept. 15.  'Where the Earth...' is deep-listening-style, dark ambient music for solo processed tuba, recorded and mastered by Robert Rich.  For my part, my 'ambience' is informed by my past work with Charlie Haden, Eugene Chadbourne, Pauline Oliveros & Stuart Dempster and Glenn Spearman, as well as many others.  As for looping, mostly 'long-form', via a DL4 and an EDP.
Roughly two weeks on either side of Sept. 15 (Aug. 24,25 tentatively in VT) is where I'm looking for spaces to perform - none of the other dates are as yet set in concrete, but possibilities include Denver, Montpelier, Vermont, Chicago, Youngstown, Sharon, Pittsburgh, New York, Brooklyn, Boston, etc.  I'll be travelling with my own P.A..  I'm open to house concerts, listening rooms, etc.<