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Re: David Keane-"Tape Music Compositon"

And me too... I thinks it must be the same one, I'll check, if its the one
I got I'll photocopy it for ya ... no probs...

...if its the one... its incredibly out of date, but fun cos of that...
pictures of earnest bearded men in lab-coats and tweed jackets making
tapeloops and recording bowed saws and the like... I have another one too
more aimed at electronics, a Babani one...

MArk Red

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Crikey, I have a copy of that book. Its in storage at the moment. You;re
the first person to have ever mentioned it since I got it about 6 years
ago. As to selling or photocopying, not sure yet, I'm sure we can work
something out once I get it and I have some time.

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 From: Bowerbird
 To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
 Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2001 4:09 PM
 Subject: David Keane-"Tape Music Compositon"

 Hello all,
  I would like to know if anyone on this list has a copy of David Keane's
 book "Tape Music Composition" that they'd be willing to sell.  Even a
 photo copy would be great.

 Thanks alot!!