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RE: Re: reaching folks


>thing that won't go away in the near future.  Airplay for other
>Industry-sponsored quasi-payola acts will then continue, but
the small 
>stations, especially the college ones, can be a valuable market,
>play lists aren't controlled in the same manner.  Mind you,
the radio 
>station for a huge university might be the exception, but as
far as I 
>remember even Syracuse University - whose communications school
is run 
>by Newhouse - isn't confined to such closed-minded playlist

FWIW: the stations at Syracuse Univ. *are* confined
to such close-minded playlist antics.  I graduated
from Newhouse in 1994, and worked at WAER.  We 
late-night cats risked our jobs tossing our playlists
into the recycle bin before the show.  Must-Plays all
over them.  (A few of the old-timers did say it hadn't
always been that way...)  The other "college station"
at SU was all strictly Top-40: a training ground for
commercial radio land.

I highly doubt it's improved since then. 

peter koniuto