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RE: reaching folks

>> Miko >> For the average music-seeking public, (and myself)... Access to 
>MP3 and Real Audio has really helped me to sample before I buy. I know 
>there are listening kiosks at most major retailers now, but the range you 
>can find on the internet is so much greater. Hell... I can listen to a 
>large number of our own members! Over on Live365 there's loads of 
>experimental radion stations...

> Um, yeah. If you go to live365 you can pull up about 100 of 'em (at 
>least that's how many came up last time I looked). I got pretty 
>disappointed to find that the vast majority were actually techno 
>stations, rock stations (one listed Dave Matthews Band), and 
>industrial/goth stations. Out of the 10 or so that were actually 
>experimental stations, most of those were pretty heavy on the 
>Merzbow-type material, which isn't bad, but not what I dig. There are a 
>few good ones, and I'm working on making one of my own too.

Hi Matt,

Ok... while I'm optimistic, I'm hoping that we're going to see things 
continue to grow and get better. Maybe... the corporations may manage to 
weasel things around and screw it up. 

I think I also mentioned the extremely small size of our genre. If it 
doesn't entertain (dance-able, drunk-able, party-able, 
background-muzak-able) then it's gonna be sparse.  It seems obvious to me 
that we're not going to get the mainstream advantages of large-scale 
movements. We're a tiny sprig on the musical tree. So I see the fact that 
we can even FIND each other encouraging. If you REALLY expect us to 
resemble large musical genres and trends, lots more people are going to 
have to become interested in our skronking... and knob twisting... I'm 
thinking this may be expecting too much.  I'm weary of trying to drag my 
weird-ass blend of stuff into ANY convenient genre. I'm just hoping to 
find a small niche for it that gets some traffic among my peers. If 
there's any audience for it all the better!