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RE: outside in

Someone form the list asked me how my outdoor show went so I thought I 
share my experience.
Ok, well my experience of playing outdoors compared to indoors is as

SHOW: Denis solo electric guitar an guitar loops doen on the fly
      People's park downtown Bloomington,IN 5:30-6:30
      Payment: $100.00
Actual hours: 1 hour preparing rack, 2 hours setup &  tear down, 1.5 hours
playing, 1 hour negotiaing with promoter,1 hour advertising gig 
total hours=6.5 hours

1)it was way way to hot out there
2)it was really hard on the equipment
3)I had to turn up my amps twice the norm
4)I could not see the leds or readout on m pedalboards
5)clean power was lacking
6)Sound would go out and never came back
7)Needed much more bass and lots of EQ
8)the feeling of playing in the middle of downtown in my home town was
really strange especially at that volume
9)show was ony an 1 hur and 15 minutes
10)rusted guitar strings by end of show
11)my gear takes such a beating: this time around one hinges on skb rack
broke, bottom feet of my marshall 2x12 broke, 4 cables went bad, speaker
cabinets look like I took them to a farm and rolled them in hay, my tempory
wood pedalboard broke in two and all the velcro is shot, tubes in one of my
50/50 tube amps are shot and sqweal ($120 replacement cost, but they were 
their way before the show)
12) promoter kind of screwed me and very poor promotion, bad PA setup the

1)the feeling of playing in the middle of downtown in my home town was
really strange especially at that volume
2)acoustics were very clean, nice
3)fun to fill the whole downtown with guitar sounds
4)I have a video and $100 to show for my effort
5)decent exposure
6)appreciative crowd
7)I was pleased with performance definitely improved since last time
8)know to play in that kind of heat 100 degrees ad humid as hell
9)know what to xpect from promoter
10)I tried some different setups and some worked others did not, nice to
11)got decent recording during show
12)changes i made to gear imporved sound a lot
13)I know what to expect from promoter and form playing out doors during 
14)got to play really really loudly but yet still really clean and not ear
denis taaffe

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From: Gary Lehmann [mailto:healthquestrecruiter@earthlink.net]
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2001 3:13 PM
To: dtaaffe@indiana.edu
Subject: outside in

So Denis how was your outdoor gig?  Anything to share?
PS  My experiences with outdoor gigs is that it's hard to perform with