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RE: EMUSIC Playlist #224

Title: RE: EMUSIC Playlist #224

if it doesn't interest you, delete the messages, it's what i do.

think on this, all of us live in our little zones and are trying to promote ourselves and making music with looping devices, etc.

this guy plays some stuff that people might find to be interesting. you just did a gig that some of us might find interesting. both of you are at least 2,000 miles away from me.

i do gigs that may be of marginal interest to some of you, i'm often at least 2,000 miles from many people on the list. guys who gig in italy and announce their gigs may be even farther away . . .

delete is a great key if you know how to use it - - and it takes less calories and mental anguish to use it than it does to type caustic e-mails about the "offending" listing - - and less brain power and expenditure thereof.