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RE: reaching folks

Title: RE: reaching folks

MD: I'm not expecting "experimental" to become as big and successful a genre as
the ones that are um, bit and successful. I do feel, however, that there
enough experimental musicians/fans in the world that if they put us all
together, we could fill out a medium to large sized city. I also think a
large portion of us have internet access. So... I know it's out there, I'm
just having trouble finding it.

** i believe that all of the people who in the world who could concievable care about what anyone of us may be doing (otehr than as a soundtrack to their visual entertainment) is something along the lines of 1/10th of 1%.  this doesn't bother me, but it could point to the larger issues of reaching people and the efficacy of the 'net to really deal with distribution or prostelyzation.

MD: Personally, I'm kind of glad that we're small. It gives us more of a sense
of community, and a sense that what we're doing is more likely to make a
splash in the world we work in. (Personally, a splish would be just dandy
for me.)

** we do what we do because we want to and because we believe in it - - and that works for me.