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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #411

--Regarding rusted strings from playing in excessive heat and humidity:

Coated strings do seem to help with this. I have to play an outdoor service
in the sun every week, and they do last longer than uncoated strings. I've
found I prefer Daddario EXPs to Elixer, but I haven't tried the new Nanoweb
Elixers. (This is on acoustic guitar.)

Even if you don't like them for regular playing, it might be worth it to
have a set of  EXPs or Elixers ready for situations like this.

--Regarding the thread on getting this music out to the public:

I'm not a looper yet (still thinking about the DL4) but I enjoy the list.
And one big reason is that this is a list of non-mainstream musicians
finding ways to create and perform music against the odds, and outside of
the Business. It's encouraging to hear about the loop fests and other
"non-standard" ways of getting the music out. Inspirational even.

It's interesting that this recent discussion has corresponded with the time
I am reading "I Hate The Man Who Runs This Bar!: The Survival Guide For
REAL Musicians" by Eugene Chadbourne. It's a real-world look at having a
musical career completely under the radar of mass consumption, and not even
shooting for the Star Machine. I would really recommend it.

Thanks for carrying on...and on...thanks for carrying on...

Tim Helmen
Debut CD "Room For Cream" available July 2001
info at http://TimHelmen.com